DAQVAH CHARITY FOUNDATION has on Friday March 3rd 2017 organized its 4th Feed the Needy Project at Kissy Road, Freetown. The feeding exercise targeted three hundred beggars of which majority were blind, some were crippled, handicapped and there were also a high number of street children. The program primarily aimed at not only providing food for the needy but to make sure that the food provided serves as breakfast for the beggars; therefore the exercise was done in the early morning hours from 6:30am – 7:30am.

The Feed the Needy Project is a quarterly activity that aims at providing food for vulnerable people across the country. The program hopes to compliment the Sustainable Development Goals on putting an end to hunger. On-site monitoring is normally done during the distribution to better understand the needs of the beggars. One of the beggars, Hassan Kargbo who has six children said he has been begging for the past five years due to hardship. “I am currently suffering and my children are not going to school. My family sometimes spent some days without adequate food. I am pleading that my children are sent to school,” added Mr. Kargbo. He continues to say that he was surprised and pleased to receive the food.

This project was sponsored by DAQVAH Charity Foundation Subscribers.

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