The advent of the Voice of Islam Radio Station impacted greatly on the Muslim community especially on the Muslim youths of Sierra Leone. One of the impacts of the coming of the Voice of Islam Radio is that many youths have organized themselves and form organizations with a primary aim of helping the Imams and Sheikhs in spreading Islam in their own way. some are actively engaged in calling our sisters to put on the hijab, others are engaged in doing street da’awah; others are organizing radio talk shows; lecture; whiles others are engaged in advocacy. The common challenge is that many of these organizations do not know the sustainability strategies of an organization and therefore, some of them could not survive the trying times. Some of the organizations that were set up are no longer existing; whiles others exist on in names.

It is against this backdrop that DAQVAH Charity Foundation on Sunday 27th August 2017 organized a one-day capacity building training for 28 Islamic Organizations on the topic: Setting Up and Sustaining Islamic Organizations at the Islamic Center for Education, Da’awah and Research Conference Hall. A total of 63 participants attendants.

The participants were all excited to receive such training. Senesi Mansaray, Ameer of the National Assembly of Muslims for the Revival of Islamic Heritage said that the training was timely as many organizations were at the stage of falling. He request that the foundation should organize similar training in the future.


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