As giving relief support to the poor and needy is one of the foundation’s main areas of intervention, DAQVAH Charity Foundation on 16th December, 2017, gives clothes and food to the needy in 8 villages around Four-Mile and Six-Mile communities in Western Rural Area.
These are the villages of the beneficiaries: Madonkeh, Robis, Masank, Gbovel, Fabiana, Masorie, Makono, Six-Mile Camp. All the targeted communities are very vulnerable with no better access to basic life’s needs.
Each beneficiary was given clothes and served with a sandwich, fresh canned drinks and pure water.
The foundation feeds the needy in different communities in every quarter of the year, and this is the seventh time since it started. The clothes distribution is also done at least twice in every year.
A beneficiary, a poor blind woman lamented: “For the past 10 years I’ve not been putting on full clothes because I don’t have any. My children that were taking care of me are all dead. I only have one now with me. Sometimes we eat and sometimes we don’t . I have been blind for many years now…
My only wish and prayer now is that when I die, Allah accept me in Jannah, because I’ve gone through hell in this life already.😢 Thank you for giving me this gifts.”
Aminata Kargbo, another beneficiary expressing her gratitude, said: “Oh, I feel very happy to receive such gifts from you people; I never expected this, and we have never seen this in this village. We really appreciate, and we pray that God bless you so that you can do more for us”
A member and subscriber, Madam Saffiatu Kamara, who joined the team in the process said “I feel very happy and blessed to witness this distribution and see the smile on the faces of the poor and needy.”
“Alhamdulillah the presence of Muslims is now being felt in the country side. This is the work we Muslims should really be engaged in… I Pray that Allah multiply the rewards. How I wish this could be done every week, 52 times in the year with members taking turns to participate and adequate funding available, reaching all corners of this country and bringing smiles to many!”, another subscriber and member, Pharmacist Mamadu Jalloh, felicitated.
“Initially when FTN (Feed the Needy) started I suggested to the team that we do it every month, but the project manager was skeptical of whether we will be able to have funding. And that’s why we agreed on quarterly; But… this is needed not just 52 times a year but 365 days a year. We pray Allah makes provision for FTN to be implemented daily. Ameen”, the CEO of the foundation, related.
AlhamduliLLaah for making these blessed projects successful; and many thanks to members, staff and volunteers that contributed tirelessly to the projects’ success.


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