DAQVAH CHARITY FOUNDATION Launches its “Reach The Unreachable(RTU) project with $1 or Le 10,000” in Port Loko District.



By Abass Gbla

The DAQVAH charity foundation, at a jam-pack gathering in Port Loko District, Friday April 13th, has successfully launched the “Reach the Unreachable(RTU) with $1 or Le 10,000 project”.

The RTU project is a Fund Raising Strategy that targets every Sierra Leonean especially Muslims, to donate at least One Dollar or Ten thousand Leones (Le 10,000) annually.

Speakers at the launching ceremony, Sheikh Conteh who is the Acting District chief Imaam says, good work is best described as believe in the articles of faith in Islam. He called on the rich and “well to do” to share their wealth with the poor, needy, wayfarers, and orphans whom he classified as the most qualified for charity.

He continued by referencing the essence of charity and says” If you help others, Allah will always help you”. He called on Sierra Leoneans to support this great initiative which seeks to revive the art of giving charity to society and most importantly the vulnerable.

DCF_1256.JPGIn his statement, a senior Christian clergy, Pastor Freeman Taylor says, God loves those who give charity, it doesn’t matter who receives it.

Given a background to the project the founder of DAQVAH Charity Foundation, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh says, the foundation over the past years has carried out many charitable activities such as giving fees to the less privileged from primary to tertiary level, medical aid, providing food to the needy, construct wells supporting orphanages, and many other charity activities.

He continue to say that, the foundation is currently raising awareness and funds for widows in the country. And the grand launch for the RTU project will be held in Freetown on the 28th of April.

In his statement, the guest speaker , Alhaji Gibeto Kan says, giving charity will not make a giver poor but because of the greed in our society, the rich always find it difficult to pay for hospital bills, give charity and even to help the needy.” Your $1 or Le 10,000 will help greatly in meeting the needs of the poor and vulnerable in the country” he concluded.



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