During the blessed month of Ramadan, DAQVAH through its Projects Reach the Unreachable with just $1 (Le 10,000) – Project RTU, reached out to so many individuals and communities across the country; encouraging them to donate Le 10,000 annually. Alhamdulillah, the foundation got cooperation from so many individuals and communities visited. From the funds raised in Ramadan, the foundation decided to engage in transportation business so as to help bring addituonal funds to the foundation.

Alhamdulillah, DAQVAH has secured a 27 seated Sprinter – Benz for the purpose of transportation and to also aid the foundation in executing its projects across the country. This Charity mini-bus has been officially unveiled today with Stickers of DAQVAH logo and activity pictures all over the bus. The mini-bus is also equipped with television which will be displaying the foundation’s past projects, current appeals and projects and future projects or activities.


This mini-bus is not just the usual transportation vehicles we see in town. It is a fundraising vehicle that the foundation will be using to reach out to so many kind-hearted people who will onboard on a daily basis. With a test drive last week, even without television, people have been donating towards DAQVAH Project through our vibrant Ambassador, Umar, who is serving as the conductor. Tickets, which have the foundation’s details are also given out to passengers. It is estimated during the test drive that 400 passengers onboard the vehicle on a daily basis, which makes is easier for us to sell our projects and ideas to not less than 12,000 people on a monthly basis.
The conductor also sells out the RTU coupon booklet to passengers who wish to donate their Le 10,000 annually.


Possibly, for the first time in the history of the country, we will have a Muslim Charity Mini-Bus that will dedicate one Jumuah in a month to passengers on charity basis. Passengers onboarding this vehicle on that day (from morning to Jumuah time), will enjoy free drive. This is to showcase our charity work not just to Sierra Leoneans but to the world at large.

ride 1

Kindly join us in making duah so that Allah will guide and protect the vehicle, its driver and conductor and all passengers.

We say thanks to Allah and thanks to all our subscribers, donors and partners. May Allah reward you abundantly for all your help towards the less privileged in this country. Ameen.

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