DAQVAH Charity Ride

First in the History of Mama Salone

DAQVAH Charity Foundation on Friday 7th September 2018, launched its once in a month charity ride initiative.

The RTU Project Lead, Alhassan Jalloh and the Communications Officer, Fatimah L Bah were onboard the vehicle throughout the charity ride as they sensitized people about the aim of the ride and encouraged them to be part of Project Reach the Unreachable with Just Le 10,000 annually. Alhassan said that the initiative was designed to provide free transportation for passengers to and fro Wellington and Eastern Police, from 6:30am to 1:00pm. He said that the goal of the initiative is to rekindle the Sunnah/tradition of giving in the hearts of the people so as to have a country with more charitable people; adding that the initiative would showcase the beauty and importance in the act of giving.

Passengers were amazed and baffled to witness such a charity act. The passengers confessed that they had never experienced a charity ride and that such initiative was happening for the first time in the history of the country. Ibrahim Kamara, a passenger said that he was very happy to be part of the ride and to hear about DAQVAH and that he was more than willing to become a member. He encouraged even non-Muslims to make their donations towards the project.

Christiana Tarawallie, another passenger said she felt so good to be part of the charity ride. She mentioned that as a Christian, she was touched by such charitable act; adding that what she loved most about the project was the fact that even though it is a Muslim initiative, yet the project caters for humanity irrespective of one’s religion, tribe or region. She added that Sierra Leone would grow if all choose to think out of religious or tribal lines.


Throughout the free ride, the passengers thanked DAQVAH and prayed for all its donors and some of them instantly becomes donors towards the RTU project.

DAQVAH say thanks to Allah and express thanks to all its RTU subscribers as it was through their Le 10,000 annual donations this charity mini-bus was purchased and this free ride initiative was born. Whenever you onboard this vehicle, don’t forget to subscribe. See you in our next Charity Ride.

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