Officiating Jum’ahs at different Masjids (Mosques) across the country and visiting major roundabouts across the country are among some of the strategies used by the foundation to raise more awareness about the Reach The Unreachable With Just One Dollar ($1) Per Year Project.


On Friday the 14th December 2018, in the morning hours, the foundation visited the PZ roundabout in Freetown to raise more awareness about Project RTU and their upcoming event, the DAQVAH Family Fun-Fair Event scheduled to take place on Sunday December 30th at the SLFA Football Academy; an event that is geared towards bringing families together as they interact, enjoy games and be entertained by the Nasheed Guru, Assalaam Brothers as they celebrate their ten years with an Album title “Alphabets Of Life”.

After the street fundraising, the team implemented the Friday Jum’ah Kutbah (Sermon) at a popular Masjid (Mosque) at PZ named ABC Mosque. Before the official Kutbah (Sermon), the head of the Organising Committee for the DAQVAH Family Fun-Fair Event, Mohammad Maladho Jalloh was able to explain about the event to the congregation. Sheikh Alusine officiated the Jumuah.


After a successful Kutba (Sermon) and Prayers, the Project Lead for Project RTU, Alhassan Jalloh was able to let the congregation digest what RTU was all about, and he also went further to encourage them to subscribe to the project, as it is a once in a year’s project.

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