DAQVAH Charity foundation closes it annual activities with a Family Fun-Fair


By Abdul Aziz

As 2018 was coming to an end, the DAQVAH Charity Foundation organised a ground breaking Family Fun-Fair Event on Sunday the 30th December 2018.The event which was held at SLFA Football Academy featured the Assalam Brothers in their Album title the ‘Alphabets Of Life’

This album, according to the Assalam Brothers is dedicated to children as it marked their 10Yrs of Nasheed in the country. They added that it is aimed at replacing the Nursery rhymes Muslim children have been using in various Islamic schools and to primarily use the funds raised out of the event to support orphan children through the Daqvah Charity foundation.

dffe 2

Mariatu Sedik Kamara, the Executive Director of DAQVAH Charity Foundation applauded the initiative on behalf of her organization and described the collaboration with the Assalaam Brothers as timely. She said the event didn’t only only bring families together to have fun but also helped in propagating the motive of the foundation which is to cater for the poor and needy. She said all proceeds raised will be dedicated to support orphans.

The event brought together families, as they interacted, enjoyed games like Nasheed and Chair, Tug Of peace, soccer, Anasheed competition and lots of other games. Those in attendance were also entertained with the Awalu Theatre Group, SNS Colabo etc.

dffe 5

Since the start of 2018, the foundation has organized series of fundraising and outreach activities aiming to solve different societal problems. The Fun Fair is among the many events the foundation has organised and it is hoped that it will be hosted annually to bring families together.


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