RTU Jum’ah

By Fatima Bah

As part of it strategies to raise awareness for the RTU project, the RTU weekly Jum’ah was implemented today Friday 22nd /2/19 at Masjid U’hud at Kingtom Freetown. The RTU weekly Jum’ah at different masjid across the country is a strategy the foundation has been using for the past year to raise awareness about the Reach the Unreachable Project with just Le 10,000 or $1 per year.


The officiating Imam for today’s jum’ah was Alhaji AbdulRahman Jalloh who happens to be the CEO and Founder of DAQVAH Charity Foundation. The topic of his sermon was The Concept of Greed In Islam, where he emphasised on the need to be generous and the consequences of being greedy. In his last sermon, he informed the Jama’at about DAQVAH and its activities as they are
reaching out to the most vulnerable and unreachable people in society.


He continued by encouraging members to donate to the Foundation just $1 or le 10,000 per year and that this money will be used in helping the Poor and the Needy especially widows, orphans and the less privileged in the country.

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