DAQVAH Ends a 2-Day Mid-Year Staff Retreat 2022.


By Fatmata Bah

DAQVAH Charity Foundation has successfully ended a two-day Mid-Year Staff Retreat, which was held at Javohey House, IMATT from the 19th – 20th June, 2022. The retreat hosted 13 team members composed of senior management, staff members and interns from Canadian University.

During the retreat, departmental heads gave updates on activities implemented in the last 6 months (Dec 2021 -May 2022), the successes or impacts created and the challenges encountered during implementation. Together as a team, way forward and solutions to challenges encountered were analyzed and documented.

As a way to strategically plan for the remaining 6 months of the fiscal year, the various departments set objectives and activities to be implemented, highlighting timelines and person’s responsible. Key among the fundraising activities planned are the DAQVAH Annual Dinner which is scheduled for October and DAQVAH Family Fun-Fair scheduled for December. Additionally, the key project activities planned, are the Mobile Health Clinic, the School Pack Project and the Feed the Needy Project.

“I am hopeful and certain that if we are committed towards achieving our various tasks, we will be able to raise enough funds and we would be able to reach out to all our targeted beneficiaries and beyond,” the CEO on his closing statement.

The retreat ended with supplications and snapshots of team members.

Join DAQVAH Charity Foundation today with sincerity and create impact in the lives of the less privileged and earn your Jannah. Your reward awaits you!

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