DAQVAH provides iftar for 500 Muslims during the Arafat Caravan Feeding.


On Friday 8th July 2022, which marked the day of Arafat, 500 Muslims at 4 different Masjids located at ABC Building, Malama Thomas Street, Big Market, Rawdon Street m and Model New Road benefited from the distribution of packs of jollof rice, water and drinks donations from the DAQVAH Charity Foundation Arafat Caravan Feeding program.

The purpose of this distribution as said by the project team, is to provide iftar for Muslims who will find it difficult to get food during the time of breaking fast. “Many Muslims would not be able to go home to break their fast or have extra cash to buy delicious food and therefore providing a prepared packages of food, drinks and water will go a long way in aiding them to break their fast with ease,” said the Project Manager, Yussouf A. Jalloh.

The funders of this project are those who participated in the Arafat Feeding Campaign that targeted Muslims to donate at least Le 30 to feed a fasting person on the blessed day of Arafat. A key funder, who prefered to be anonymous provider food for half of the targeted population and requested that supplications be made for her late father.

Recipients were happy to receive the food packages. They thanked the donors and prayed for continued support. “This is amazing and I pray you continue such support as most of us are finding it difficult to break our fast during this time” Abass Kamara, one of the beneficiary at Rawdon Street Masjid said.

The distribution successfully ended with lots of prayers from the beneficiaries in all the five locations.

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