About Us

DAQVAH Charity Foundation is an independent Islamic relief and development agency that primarily caters for people in need, especially deprived women and children. Established in July 2014, we have assisted in improving education, healthcare, access to water, supported widows and orphans, responded to national emergencies and provided relief support to the most vulnerable people in the most deprived communities. Our support cuts across people of all faiths according to their needs, however, our Ramadan feeding & Masjid construction projects target Muslims as the only beneficiaries.
Our History
DAQVAH Charity Foundation was established in July 2015 by Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh and his wife Mariatu Sedik Kamara, together with other 40 young Muslims during an iftar program they organized in Ramadan. At the iftar, the need to establish a local Islamic charity foundation that would respond to the needs of the most deprived was discussed and this discussion gave birth to the establishment of DAQVAH. In September 2015, DAQVAH undertook its first project by being among the first organizations that responded to victims of the Susan’s Bay flooding with food and non-food items at the National Stadium.
In January 2016, a team of committed members were appointed to volunteer in running the affairs of the foundation and an office space was secured. This move of appointing volunteers and securing an office space is the first step in sustaining DAQVAH. Since the foundation’s primary source of funding is membership donations, membership campaigns were launched and this aided for a rapid increase in membership.
Today, Alhamdulillah, the foundation has over 3,000 members in over 28 countries worldwide. The foundation also has its Office in Freetown and is working in many districts across the country, reaching the most unreachable communities and responding to the needs of the most deprived in terms of education, health care, water, and other relief aids.
Our Vision, Mission and Core Values
A nation where the less privileged have choices, hope, access to basic life’s need and are self-reliant.
Motivated by our faith, our mission is to revive the sunnah/tradition of giving charity and to bring positive & lasting change to the lives of the poor and the needy.
Core Values
1. Islam
2. Generosity & Humility
3. Transparency & Accountability
4. Innovation
5. Appreciation