You can pay your subscriptions to any of our Filed Operations Staff below:

For any issues or assistance you might need in relation to your subscriptions, you can directly contact our Field Operations Manager:

Saladeen Sayeed Bangura-

(All on whatsapp!)

For those living in Freetown:

1.Region: East-East (Up Gun to Waterloo)

  Contact Names: Mohamed Samba Barrie or Mustapha Morray Kallon
 Contact Numbers: +232-79-380-999 / +232-79-742-944

2.Region: Central East (Kissy Road-Circular Road)

Contact Name: Manfred Jabatie
Contact Number: +232-79-381-000

3. Region: Central West (Circular Road-St. John)

Contact Name: Lamin Turay
Contact Number:+232-78-202-974

4. Region: West West (St. John to Lumley and Beyond)

Contact Name: Mohamed A.Bah
Contact Number:+232-79-381-002

For those living out of Freetown (Any District):

1. Ahmed Sonkay Turay
Contact Number:+232-78-221-676

For those living abroad (Any Country):

1.Abdul Rahman Jalloh 
Contact Number: +232-76-364-966

(All  on whatsapp!)